Friday, September 7, 2012

Office attirish

dress: Bought on Philip Island
brooch: Gifted
braclet: Gifted
fishnets: Myer
jacket: Vivienne Westwood
shoes: Bought from a shop in Queensland
bag: Topshop
shades: Sportsgirl
As a Graphic Designer, I am lucky enough to be able wear whatever I like to work, within reason of course! (Boobs out is a no no for me) My daily wardrobe molds into my work wardrobe and vice versa. Every now and then, I might wear something that looks a little officey with a little edge. For instance, here I've teamed a fairly classic spotty frock with some fishnets, killer shoes and a Vivienne Westwood jacket. Some may say, keep your fishnets for the street but I reckon as long as your not sporting some kind of hooker like tight short skirt, it's ok to give an otherwise safe outfit another dimension.
Have a great weekend, catch you next week!
Love Sleekit x


  1. Love the black and white with the clash of textures.
    Have a grand weekend, dear friend.

  2. The finest pictures of you my dear!
    Great outfits, casual yet confident poses and you're positively glowing! (the new regime is definitely working for you)


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