Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prints and French tights

top: RedDog3
tights: Les Queues des Sardines
shoes: Topshop
skirt: Rouge Trader
brooch: Topshop (New York)
Say hello to my favorite pair of tights in the whole wide world. When I wear these people smile or do a double take, they're a real conversation starter - almost like a puppy or a new born baby! I purchased them online from French outfit Les Queues des Sardines a while ago, they have THE best tights on the planet, oh and they do cute socks too. I've featured these puppies on the blog before but check out these new styles, might need to make a new purchase...


  1. Lovely, really into funky tights right now too x

  2. I am a tad obsessed with tights and I think my brain may have just exploded...

  3. Gorgeous tights and top.

  4. Erica Louise - Gotta love funky tights!

    xStroutx - Me too, the more out there the better, love em

    Sacramento - Thank you kindly

    Sleekit x


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