Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A beautiful day and return to colour

Today was just beautiful, the sun shone through a perfect blue sky and I finally got over a cold that I've been nursing for the past few days (hence my lack of posts, sorry peeps). On Monday, I joked to my work buddy Beth, that I'd come to work in my pj's (the loose fitting T-shirt, I had actually worn to bed the night before), was so poorly that my sense of personal style had gone out the window for the safety blanket of comfortable, ill fitting, dare I say it, sensible clothes. When she saw me back at work today, she said, "Better then, you've got your heels back on!" Today, I did feel much more like myself and even popped a flower in my hair, to the approval of my son, who said, "It's very pretty mum, that green thing in your hair". Bless cho x

onsey: ASOS
tights: Gifted
flower: Gifted
bag: Topshop
bangle: Kinki Gerlinki
shades: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West

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