Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little ray of sunshine

 dress: State of Georgia
shoes: Bought in Queensland
yellow J Crewesque balls: Ebay
bag: Topshop
shades: Sportsgirl
cape: Anthropologie

I'm running a little behind on posting as I find myself in the thick of selling our house, cleaning, tidying, running around, cleaning, get the picture! Last week, Melbourne's temperature soared dramatically to 29 degrees, I got my summery frock out. I have a bit of a love, hate relationship with this frock and even tried to sell it on ebay once, but time and time again, I get it off the hanger and parade for yet another season, reckon I've had it 8 years. Twas the perfect frock for a very hot, windy day, I'm glad it still lives in my closet. 


  1. Great colours for you and it works well with the jacket - striking

    1. Thanks Janiece, I'm playing with the mixing of prints and discovering new outfits in my wardrobe!

      Sleekit x

  2. All the best for your move, Sleekit! And don't get rid of the dress - it looks fabulous on you! xo

    1. Thanks Sabine, I hope your move goes smoothly too : )

  3. How great was the hot day?!!!!

    That was the day I decided to go to Bunnings, twice.

    You look beautiful in his dress.


    1. I long for more heat, it has been so cold, hope your well lady and can't wait to meet your bub x

  4. The little cape looks perfect with you dress, such a fab outfit. Good luck with the move :) x


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