Friday, October 12, 2012

Gorman Ebay finds

 Gorman jacket bought on Ebay for $100

 Gorman 100% silk dress bought on Ebay for $46.90
 The colour collar wraps around the back
 Dress can also be worn babydoll without the belt
I went to a Thai restaurant for lunch yesterday, perfect match for my new frock
How cute is the elephant cup.Love.

I love the Australian label Gorman, but often find it's a wee bit pricey for a fashionista on a budget, ei moi. Recently, I have been stalking Ebay for everything Gorman and this is my haul so far; leather jacket (which I have not had off, such a bargain) and this newly purchased beautiful 100% silk dress with colour block collar. You may be aware that I am a bit of a shopper but purchasing pre-loved quality items is good for the soul, I'm going to try stay away from the shops and see what other treasures I can find.
The dress is very flowy and perfect for summer but with the Melbourne temp dipping to 10 degrees yesterday, I teamed it with a skinny top, fleuro tights and pulled in the waist with a belt.
I also found myself blending in with the local Thai restaurant decor, love when that happens.
Have a great weekend, see you next week where I will share another Ebay find, this time New Zealand designer Karen Walker, stay tuned...


  1. Sleekit, sounds like you need to take a trip to the Gorman Surprise store on Bridge Road in Richmond. It's the Gorman factory outlet! Lots of heavily discounted items; you can find some real bargains.

  2. Best coat ever, and pair with pink is pure fabulousness, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Adore this outfit, the pink tights with the baby doll is such a striking look, Im like you though I do always belt things I need to be braver!


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