Monday, December 17, 2012

My favourite outfit of 2012

Here you have it, my favorite outfit of 2102. I've worn this sooo many times, together and as separates;  cost per wear, well I can't even work that out. The jacquard print trousers I bought on sale from ASOS, people stop me in the street to have a closer look. The top I bought from a Hello Gorgeous shop in Melbourne, it goes with just about everything, can be dressed up or down and the colours are so me. The glasses I bought on our holiday to Queensland, they are very much a signature/statement look. The most recent addition are the yellow peace Melissa wedges my beloved bought for my birthday. Do you have an outfit that defines your style?
I hope to bring a monthly run down of my other favourite outfits of 2012, well there have been a few!...stay tuned


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