Friday, April 5, 2013

First additions to my maternity wardrobe

 Love the boldness of this knit dress $60.59
spots and colour, a winning combination $28.70

When I was pregnant with my first child nearly five years ago, I struggled to find any maternity wear that was 1. affordable and 2. not boring. Since then, the market has improved and now I can indulge without breaking the bank. My first port of call was ASOS, they have a fabulous selection of dresses, tops and even underwear. This is what I bought, can't wait till they arrive!
Have a great weekend x

Ps. One of my regular readers is having some problems with my blog loading, if you are having some issues too, please leave a comment below so I can try fix, arrggg hate when blogs go wrong!


  1. I'm not having any probs on firefox. Love the knit dress!

    1. Thanks Janiece, very much looking forward to parading that dress on here soon xx


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