Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Autumn and op shop finds

It's Autumn in Melbourne, my favourite season. The sun still shines but it can get a wee bit chilly, especially in the mornings. Recently, I had thought about investing in a new winter coat, it's been 4 n bit years since I bought my last. With a protruding belly, your options can be limited so probably best for me to wait until next year.
However, the other day I found myself at an Op Shop in Seaford, came across this (looks like it's never been worn) Australian brand Marcs trench coat. I snapped it up with the $20 price tag, wow, what a find! Upon paying for my fabulous purchase, I spotted a pair of cream leather gloves nestled in the glass cabinet case at the counter, $10!
No need for a new winter coat, I'm sorted for the bargain price of $30. 


  1. It is always such a present to see your comment, dear Sleekit.

  2. Woah that IS a good find! Well done :)


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