Friday, May 3, 2013

Khaki and camo | Daily outfit

dress: Ben Sherman
scarf: Sportsgirl
tights: Sportsgirl
leather jacket: Gorman
shoes: Topshop

Been a while since I posted, caught up with house stuff, mostly re-decorating our new home. My urge to nest has kicked in early. I even borrowed a sewing machine and made these curtains, (yes, the hem is still trailing the ground but I will get round to sorting that!). What can I say, I've moved to the burbs and I'm feeling thrify. Also, found my tripod and give you the first photo shoot in my new home. 
I've also just passed the 20 week mark of my pregnancy and starting to fell like myself again, hooray. The wardrobe may be getting smaller but I can still squeeze into a few old favourites.
Have a great weekend folks and catch you next week, bought some new maternity wear to share and also expecting a little Mother's Day surprise in the post.
Sleekit x


  1. You are glowing!!!

    Half way there, you must be so excited.

    Gosh I miss being pregnant!!


    1. Thanks lady, yes very excited, in only a few months there will be a little bub in my arms and you know how good that feels! X

  2. Cheers lady, I'm loving all the Autumnal colours at the mo x


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