Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Sleekit from Vision Direct

I love the detail on the rim and the shape of the frame
 Rolling fields at the bottom of my street, perfect for a bike ride

  Horse aptly named 'greedy guts', he wolfs down our bag of carrots
I approve mum!
This morning, I was delighted to find a wee parcel with my name on it from Vision Direct containing a rather gorgeous pair of Marc Jacobs sunnies! The card inside read simply 'Happy Mother's Day Sleekit'; what a perfect way to start the day. 
Melbourne is basking in the most unexpected hot weather and we took advantage by enjoying a bike ride and feeding the local horses at the bottom of our street with a trip to the park along the way.
Mother's Day is a very special day in the calendar and 'should' be celebrated. Being a mum is the most rewarding but hardest job you will ever encounter. Yesterday, I was treated to a Mother's Day presentation at my son's kinder which left me feeling very loved and emotional, he is growing up so fast and shaping into a very loving and caring young man. With another child on the way, I feel very privileged to be blessed and look forward to seeing my children flourish with a little help from 'maw' and 'paw'.
Have you bought your mum a Mother's Day gift yet? If not, why not treat her to pair of really cool sunnies. Designer sunglasses are a luxury that your mum probably feels guilty about indulging in, she would normally buy a pair of $5 shades from the chemist and toss them in her bag BUT being a mum you are out about, parks, beach, walks and having a little luxury makes you feel good!
You can check out their fabulous facebook page for great deals on sunglasses and you will be surprised how affordable they are.
To all the mum's out there and my mum (6 kids under her belt!), Happy Mother's Day, hope you get spoiled!
Thank you Vision Direct for spoiling me.


  1. Lucky ducky!
    Love the new shades, hope you have a beautiful, relaxing mother's day.


    1. Happy first Mother's Day to you too lady x


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