Friday, May 24, 2013

Black, red and trusty wardrobe friends

 dress: ASOS Maternity
boots: Zomp
sunglasses: Vision Direct
bangle: Diva
pom pom: Little Salon
There are some trusty combo's that work every time, in this case black and red. I don't wear a lot of black but when I do I like to pop a bright colour against it. The dress, I purchased from ASOS Maternity is becoming a trusty friend, cosy, practical and stylish. 
My bump is growing, I'm almost passed the "Is she pregnant or just been eating too many pies?" The latter may be true, have the appetite of a Rhino but it's nice when people start to notice that you are indeed growing a baby. 
My other trusty friend is the sunglasses that Vision Direct sent me for Mother's Day, they are becoming my perfect companion, yeah to trusty wardrobe friends, do you have one? Do tell....

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