Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me in skinny jeans!

jeans: ASOS Maternity
top: ASOS Maternity
boots: Zomp
necklace: Frankideas
square ring: Studio Leanne
geo ring: Corky

You will rarely find me in a pair of jeans, simple reason, much prefer the comfort of skirts and dresses and jeans give me bumps that I would rather not entertain. However, I thought I'd give maternity jeans a try; elasticated waist for comfort and room to accomodate my growing belly. These Khaki jeans were on sale from ASOS Maternity as you will see from my previous post. They are very comfortable to wear but my only gripe would be the need to yank them up every now and then (another reason I don't wear jeans), the belly band could be higher. Saying that, since wearing these jeans many folks have commented how slim they make me look, er that's kinda nice so I can live with the odd yank every now and then.


  1. You're looking great!! I'm a huge fan of ASOS maternity! I just got their acid wash jeans, that I LOVE! But I got another pair that needs constant yanking up, so they are being returned! x Karen


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