Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Post - Morning Rituals

Big thanks again to Lady Sleekit for handing over the password whilst she is on maternity leave. Just two more sleeps until her little bundle arrives! I had the pleasure of the Lady's company over the weekend and even about to pop the woman is as stylish and polished as ever - amazing.

As we get to know each other over the next little while I thought I'd share with you my morning routine which is the same every single day. 

I have two little pugs who need walking and a caffeine craving that needs seeing to before my brain can get in gear for the rest of the day. 
More often than not I'll throw on some trackies and a hoodie and head out to the park sans shower and with a takeaway cuppa but if I'm up early I'll get proper dressed and take the hounds out for a coffee and a stroll.  

My black pug is Rudie the Rude Boy who came to us as a puppy last year and is a divine little devil with personality plus. Our newest family member is fawn coloured Sushi who we adopted from Pugs SOS a couple of months ago. Being a rescue we aren't sure of her age or what horrors the poor gal has been through - too many babies and a lost eye along the way - but she's settling in just fine and her little piggy tail is forever wagging which makes me think she is finally happy. 
 My lipsticky calling card

Pugs shed hair all year round so my most important accessory is a lint brush! They also have energy to burn so flat shoes for walking them are a must as we sometimes go for miles...

Fresh pair of Vans

Skirt: Kate Sylvester
Tee: Dotti
Shoes: Vans 
Belt: Vintage find
Sunglasses: Specsavers
Bangle: Made by my long lost friend Simon

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  1. You look super cute lady, loving those vans may need to get me a pair for walking the pram

    Sleekit x


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