Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frocktober Day 3 - Raining in Paris

Day 3 of Frocktober, had no idea my underskirt was hanging down when I took these shots. When I was a youngster we would say "Is it raining in Paris," when someones underskirt was hanging down, have no idea where or how that expression came about. Have you heard of this expression or did I make it up??
Another fine day in Melbourne and another fine frock.
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Frock: Kinki Gerlinki
Cardie: Jay Jays
Shoes: Nine West
Ring: Sportsgirl
Bangle: Witchery
Bag: Peter Alexander


  1. beautiful dress, love the colour and the pattern.

  2. This is such a wonderfully pulled together look. Nope, never heard of 'raining in Paris'. Must be an Australian expression.


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