Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bright yellow 50s bikini and body issues

Body issues, we all have them, I am currently finding it hard to shed the weight I piled on over Christmas. It's only a few kilos but to be honest I liked the way I was . Thought I would tackle it head on with a bikini shoot; sometimes it pays to take a good hard look at yourself and realise that your torturing yourself for nothing. Sure, I could do with toning up but these shots don't look so bad. Most successful fashion bloggers are photogenic, beautiful and slim, with the exception of a few and I would like to think my blog gives a more realistic documentation of the average woman. I have curves, wobbly bits, boobs and yes, sometimes I have body issues. In order to achieve my goal weight I need to exercise and eat healthy, it's as simple as that. 
I purchased this 50s style bikini from ASOS on sale ($50) because I felt self conscious in a normal low cut and as a result feel much more confident at the beach. If you don't have the perfect body then try work with what you do have, a sarong can help without making you feel that you are completely covered. Check out this previous post on swimwear.
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so if like me you are struggling at this time of year, tackle it head on and don't be so hard on yourself. 

Ps After writing this post, I got cold feet and nearly shelved it, thank you Blitherlyunaware for pulling my head in : )


  1. You ARE beautiful, those 'kini bottoms look faboosh on you. I love a bikini bottom and even knickers that have a cut like that - they are flattering and DON'T CUT INTO YOU. Such a win!

    I'm glad you posted this and spoke the truth. I think that's one of the finest elements of blogging there are these amazing women from all walks of life with all sorts of ideas, loves, hopes, dreams and fears. Bloggers (on the most part) aren't afraid to put these elements of themselves out there so their readers can sympathize or empathize with them. It's a great thing.

    I've added you to my blog roll - didn't realize you weren't there until today when I had a look!!!


  2. Best comment I've had on the blog thus far! Thank you kindly Blithely Unaware. And you know what, I feel better now I've posted. Women DO need to talk about their issues instead of bottling them up and if this post helps another, that's fantastic.

    Cheers for popping me on your blog roll, I will update mine too xx

    Sleekit x

  3. brazilian colours ^^


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