Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pure 'mint' skinny jeans

top: Genki
jeans: Sportsgirl
brooch: Topshop (New York)
Clogs: Topshop (New York)
bangles: Gifted
bag: Topshop
shades: Gifted
The skinny jean is a garment I normally shy away from: 1. They are the uniform of 20 somethings and 2. I don't really do jeans, partly because they cut me off in all the wrong places and I prefer to wear dresses and skirts. In my early teens I owned a pair of bright orange crushed cotton Versace (pure galice) skinny Jeans, they still holiday in the back of my wardrobe; unfortunately I can't get them above my knees! 
Trends, it's swings and roundabouts and the coloured skinny jean has made a little resurgence. Mentioned previously, I normally don't entertain jeans but the colour of these pure 'mint' skinnies and the price tag caught me eye. On sale in Sportsgirl for $35, reduced from $99, bargain. I forked out 130 quid for my Versace pair 20 years ago (payed for them with my bursary which was supposed to pay for books and college stuff; I was a very fashion conscience student with no books). Teamed with a few other green pieces I think they work for a casual Summer look, what do you think?


  1. The perfect summer look! Love the colour combinations xx

  2. That handbag is gorgeous - love it!



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