Monday, April 30, 2012

The purple wall and a friendly face

On my way back from lunch today, I spotted this purple wall. I do like to colour co-ordinate with my surroundings, ha. You may recognise this wall, it used to look like this, maybe this could be a regular spot, who knows what will end up here next. How perfect a backdrop for today's outfit post. The sun was also shining, bonus! My buddy at work Beth, has become my very own personal street style photographer, we shoot on our lunch breaks. It's so much easier this way, also I find it's less intimidating than taking to the streets with a tripod. I'm not a natural poser but it helps when you have a friendly face behind the lens. Thank you Beth!

trench: Gap
skirt: Rouge Traders
tights: Myer
bag: Topshop
shoes: Thrifted $8
stripey T: Genki
shades: Sportsgirl


  1. I looove the first and last shot. You couldn't find a better way to colour co-ordinate :)

  2. So cute! Love those shoes, and yes, great coordinating! And totally know what you mean abut having someone take your pics, so much nicer :)

    I really love your fringe and the pink lipstick! x

  3. Love the colour coordination! Those shoes were a score.


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