Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Refashions and home decor


 The downstairs living room 
They say your home should reflect your personality and your wardrobe. Well, my home is bright, colourful and full of pattern, I love bold colour. We only moved into this house 5 months ago and I've been putting my stamp on it slowly but surely; there are still many rooms to tackle but our home is starting to take shape. With baby only 6 and a bit weeks away I'm keen to get as much done as possible, I've even got the sewing machine out! 
With a tight budget and practically a whole house to furnish, I've looked to ebay and op shops to pick up some bargains.
The wicker furniture is from the op shop (sofa and table for $70 and pretzel chair $50) but the fabric was dated and in dire need of some love. Ikea has a great range of fabrics, but you have to be quick, they turn around quickly. I covered the chair for $15 and the sofa for about $20. 
Just starting on the nursery, to be continued...


  1. Love, love LOVE the refurbish of the furniture
    The house looks gorgeous, colourful and modern.

    Love it all


    1. Thanks Blithely Unaware, my sewing skills are very basic but looks so much better with the new fabric x

  2. oh that cushion looks sooooo much better! Nice work.

    1. Cheers Janiece, hoping to get round to giving them a wee varnish too, not bad for an op shop find x


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