Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wee tartan terror

dress: Shop on Lygon St
tights: Sportsgirl
scotty dog brooch: Gift
shoes: Op shop

There's a wee tartan terror in my tum itching to come out and say hello. She jumps around morning, noon and night keeping her mammy up. Yes folks, this little bean is indeed a girl! 
I'm very excited to be having a wee lass and can't wait to meet her, we're gonna have so much fun. 
Will she inherit my Scottish/irish complexion or don a mop of blond hair like her daddy? For the first few years my son Mani had pure blond hair and folks would regularly ask if he was indeed mine. Recall one lady actually retorting "How did you get a blond baby?", wee bit rude I thought. 
Will she inherit my roman nose that took me 20 years to love? Will she be tall like her daddy or a shorty like me? Only another 8 and a bit weeks till we welcome her into the world.
What will we call her?...


  1. You look stunning, dear friend

    1. Thanks Sacramento Amate, I'm starting to feel very pregnant now, not long to go!

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I like that shade of blue on you too.

    1. Thanks Janiece, this dress is an old favorite, been in my wardrobe for years


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