Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 quid frock and the nursery

I bought this dress many moons ago on a trip back to Glasgow. It was 5 quid from George in Asda, 5 quid! It's been in a box since our move and I came across it the other day. I rescued it from the bargain bin around the time the DVF wrap dress was having its revival. At 36 weeks not much is getting passed my navel, even my maternity jeans are starting to feel uncomfortable, room for 2 and a bit more! I always liked the colour maybe I need more green in my wardrobe...
I've also been busy getting the nursery together. Here's a few details, surprised how much I am gravitating towards pink but I've mixed in a few more complementary colours too. 
used some masking tape on an Ikea chest of drawers to brighten them up 
bought this colourful set of wooden block from the Poppyshop on Lygon St 
bought this paper flower from the Amor y Locura on Gertrude St
framed illustrations by Kat Macleod, one of my favorites, the pic in the black frame I bought from Etsy
The Bugaboo I picked up on Ebay for $300, it's practically brand new (would never dream of spending 2 grand on a new one)
Replica Eames rack, bought on Ebay for $35 and the jumpsuits from Seed 

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