Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Khaki in or out

The combat Khaki look swings in and out of fashion. I bought this jacket three years ago from Kinki Gerlinki, whether it's currently in fashion or not I have no idea. I'm not really one for trends and my style normally evolves from how I feel when I wake and more often what I feel most comfortable in. I've always been a fan of this mob, who work the combat/camo look so well. If your a fan on my facebook page you might have seen the images I posted earlier this week. Inspired, here's my combat/Khaki look.

Jump suit: French Connection
Jacket: Kinki Gerlinki
Belt: Mimco
Shoes: Prada
Bracelet: RG Madden
Scarf: Luce


  1. I've decided to fully embrace the khaki look this year too. It's perfect for Scottish summers (mine has a hood!) Khaki goes so well with everything and it keeps me away from all-black.
    This is my new version of my old army surplus jacket I used to live in back in the early 90s:

  2. Madame G - I remember this look, out and about in Glasgow, loved the white frock you teamed with it

    Sleekit x


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