Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woman's prerogative to change her mind

I'm very indecisive about what to wear today. Maybe it's the weather (it's cold & sunny all at the same time) or maybe I just have way too much in my wardrobe. I forgot I had this little black jacket, it was hiding at the back of the wardrobe; it's so cute why don't I wear it more often?
I'm also keen to get the faux fur out (when I buy something I feel the need to wear it right away) but it's probably not bbrrrr cold enough outside just yet, so I will parade it around the house instead. Decisions, Decisions...what outfit would you wear??

Outfit 1:
Jacket: Ezekiel
Dress: To the Max
Tights: Leona Edmiston
Shoes: Kenzo

Outfit 2:
Faux Fur: Cue
Jacket: Karen Millen
Boots: Nine West

Outfit 3:
Shoes: Wittner


  1. I love the first outfit. It also reminds me of a 70s velvet jacket in my wardrobe which I wear far too seldom.

  2. Cute I love the stripes and the faux fur! And those black and pink tights are so cool...
    Almost brrr cold enough, I think!


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