Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday afternoon South Melbourne Market

Following on from the accidental week from hell, the family are slowing getting back to some normality. A Saturday morning ritual from us has always been a trip to South Melbourne Market to stock up on our groceries for the week ahead. I love the buzz of the market (wish I had taken more pics) and would much rather enjoy this shopping experience than peruse down the isles of the local Coles or Safeway. I normally get dressed up to go to the market (any excuse really), this dress has been in my wardrobe for a number of years but I seem to be taking it out more often, the colour provokes comments from passers by and I feel good wearing it. Looks like I'm colour coordinating with the bin lid but that's ok. The shoes were gifted to me by Anthea over at What's For Tea, she also arrived on my doorstep this week with a lemon tart that rocked my world and made me feel a whole lot better, thanks Anth x

“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare"

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  1. It's my pleasure my love, you're a real gem. And a fox to boot, love that frock!


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