Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anyone for Tea?

The stunning Cecylia, organiser of the event
 The The Oriental Teahouse owner and guru, David Zhou
 Fellow bloggers at the Tea master class, thank you Cecylia for the pic, can you spot me?  Such a delight to see so many well dressed people in one space. 

  Kirby from Stylehunter, Ida Suod from Studio941
 Loved the Jasmine Tea, watching those little pods open up, tea theatre!
 The always beautiful Marianne, Esme and the laneway
 Last week, I was delighted to be invited to The Oriental Teahouse in Melbourne Central for a master class in Tea appreciation; with the added bonus of meeting some fellow bloggers. The event was organised by Cecylia and hosted by owner, David Zhou. 
The dress code was oriental chic and I wore my Kinki Gerlinki dress, unfortunately forgot to get an outfit pic, er too busy enjoying the wonderful array of dumplings and matching tea's!
I'm a tea jenny, (Scottish term for someone who likes to drink a lot of (Tetly milky) tea), not quite a connoisseur! I was interested to find out more about the blends and benefits of drinking tea. As part of the demonstration, Mr Zhou spoke about the health benefits; my ears perked up. Next week, I will turn the ripe old age of 38, scheesh how did I get there? With a certain maturity, comes an appreciation for well being, eating right, exercising and living life to the fullest. He spoke of healing the internal of the body rather than the external, everything comes from within. A philosophy I would like to adhere to. Tea can aid with skin issues, fatigue, digestion, weight loss...the list goes on. Drinking key blends over a period of time can and will enhance wellbeing, I may need to ditch my Tetly!


  1. I love tea, all kind of tea, and even more in such a delightful company.

    1. Yes, I need to broaden my collection for sure x

  2. Your dress was amaaaaazing! Wear it again and do an outfit post on it, please :D x

    1. Good idea, yes will do, with the festive season almost upon us I'm sure it will make another appearance!


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