Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Belated Birthday Week

 Amazing Melissa shoes from my beloved (wishes do come true)
 Unreal Le Specs from my dear friend and work buddy Beth
 Lots of this
From my sis T
More pressies from my boys (I love nothing more than a perfectly boiled runny egg and soldiers!)
 Wee bit excited about Gorman voucher from the ladies

Where have you been, you may ask? Well, last week (Sunday to be exact) was my 38th birthday and I've been out galavanting, eating in posh restaurants and sunning myself at the beach. It's a hard life! 
I'm all grown up. My mum was 38 when she had me, I used to think "Geez, that wiz old," but here I am, two years shy of 40!
I received lots of fabulous gifts and spent the best time with my family and friends; another year older ain't so bad after all.


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