Friday, November 2, 2012

I love Poppies | New jumpsuit

You may have a flower that you love, admire; a delicate rose maybe? For me, the flower of the moment would have to be the poppy. Vibrant, pretty, oh the colour! The other day, I came across this jumpsuit from Peter Alexander on sale, the fabric and colour grabbed me instantly, I'm wearing this one out for sure, too pretty for bedtime!
Have a great weekend dear readers, till next week.
Sleekit x


  1. I LOVE that jump suit!!!

    I got 2 from Hatch maternity... they will be great post baby too.

    have a gorgeous weekend!!!


  2. So looking forward to see you wearing it.
    have a lovely weekend, too.

  3. what a sweet jumpsuit!! Love the colours and the patterns :) My post today is an interior one too :D xx


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