Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I like to lounge

This is my favorite lounging chair. My little boy uses it as a climbing frame but when he's having an afternoon nap I like to put my feet up, have a cuppa and take time out for myself. Today I'm dressed very casual in jeans but I can't resist a heel to give the outfit a wee bit of sleekit glamour. I've had these jeans for forever, bought on a trip to Glasgow, they are fraying at the bottom and endless washing has given them great character. Scott Walker on the playlist, bliss.

Jeans: Lois
Tee: Wowch
Scarf: Shop on Carlisle St
Ring: Sportsgirl
Boots: Excentrix
Jacket: Red Dog 3


  1. You look a BOSS! and the shoes...sigh gimme.

  2. You've got THAT chair?!?! So jealous! I tried to inherit it from an aunt, but someone else grabbed it :( I bet you love it every day...

  3. Katorra - You crack me up with your comments, keep them coming, I would like to be a BOSS one day

    SabinePsynopsis - I do love the chair : )

    Sleekit x


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