Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tails, layers n weather

We are really in the thick of winter here in Melbourne, yesterday it got down to 6 degrees! To keep warm I'm piling on layers: tights under trousers, tops under tops and winter coats. I normally wear this dress/top on its own but it too friggin cold. I love the tail detail of the back, creates a great silhouette.Those of you who are reading from the UK will probably be thinking, 6 degrees, pppfff nae bother, stop yer wingin, but after living in Melbourne for 8 years I have become acclimatised.
I'm heading to Noosa in a couple of weeks for some much needed sun and surf bbbrrrrring it on!

Under Top: Karen Millen
Trousers: Cue Samples
Dress/Top: Sooshi Melbourne
Tights: Oasis
Booties: Excentrix
Coat: Coast


  1. this look is fantastic! when i am in the summer, i miss winter look - and vice versa! guessing the grass is always greener on the other side, xx


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