Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday at Fur



My hair has been unkept of late and without further a do I took myself off to my favourite Melbourne City Salon on Friday night, Fur Hair (Hairdressers to the star fuckers no less!). This has been a haunt of mine for years now. You know what it's like to find a good hairdresser, and then for them to jump ship and take their scissors else where, and you hunt them down liked a crazed person, cause you don't want to go finding yourself another whom you will trust with your locks! Fur Hair is consistent and I love the friendly atmosphere and vibrancy of the salon. The staff don't turn over, I think they genuinely enjoy working there; it's like a wee (the city salon is tiny but cosy) social hub of energy. 

The Salon has been decked out like a gym hall with cleverly positioned mirrors and what only can be described as a massive rotating disco ball in the centre of the room. The tunes are forever current and loud and it's always good for people watching; you might even be lucky enough to catch a 'starfucker'!

If you're in the City and looking for an unique hairdressing experience I highly recommend this joint; ask for Frank.

Fur Hairdressing City

    * 2 City Square, Melbourne CBD, Victoria AU
    * 03 9639 2909

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