Monday, March 5, 2012

All Glittery - Wittner heel steal

If you have been following my blog for some time you will be aware that I love to blag a bargain. One of my greatest bargains would have to be THIS DRESS! Many a fashion newsletter inhabits my inbox but rarely does an email stop me in my tracks to reach for the credit card. On Thursday morning, the Wittner heel steal did just that. You will see to your right that I featured these sparkly gems in my wish list but with a $169.99 price tag (I never buy full price), they were a wee bit pricey. Take 75% off and you have my attention, I purchased for the bargain price of $39.95!!! Check out the Wittner website for more steals.

Ps I am letting you know about this, not because Wittner endorsed me but simply, I love to share a bargain!

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