Thursday, March 29, 2012

Autumnal Silks and creating a BIG wardrobe

all silk 1
all silk 3
all silk 2
dress: Zara
trousers: Fleur Wood
shoes: Topshop
bag: Topshop
belt: Bahamonde
shades: Urban Outfitters

My wardrobe is plentiful, but the key to a BIG wardrobe is to wear your treasures in many different guises. A couple of weeks ago, I posted this dress here; today I've mixed it up with some silk pants and loafers for a completely different look. This Zara dress has been in my wardrobe for the best part of six years and every year I like to re-invent how I wear it. This formula works for me and enables me to push my fashion and my wardrobe. Do you have a favorite dress, skirt, top? Why not push it around and see how many different looks you can achieve.
Till next week, have a great weekend!...
Sleekit x


  1. Gorgeous – love the autumnal background, too! Love your re-inventing :)

  2. awww your bag and shoes are awesome!!!

  3. Esme and the lane way - thanks lovely, I'm a mix it up kinda gal

    wobblinbetty - Ah Topshop, the bag has not left my side since I bought it, I will need to re-invent that soon, scarf maybe...

    Sleekit x

  4. Pretty print on your dress worn as tunic, like!

  5. Erica Louise - thanks lady!

    Sleekit x

  6. Love your pairing here. It's nice to reinvent ones clothes... xo


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