Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I wore - Dita Von Tesse Von Follies

Following on from my previous post, this is what I wore to the Dita Von Tesse, Von Follies catwalk show at LMFF. Any excuse to glam up, I went all out and even popped on a sequin beret for the occasion (I made it!). There was such a plethora of fabulous outfits, wish I had taken some street snaps but got caught up in the show and the champagne!

hat: Made it myself
belt: Gift from my mum
bracelet: Gift from my dear friend Anthea
earrings: Sportsgirl
shoes: Wittner


  1. Very swish, missus! Loving the dress AND your fabulous beret! xx

  2. Well done with the hat, it looks great - and so does your eyeliner & hair, especially.

  3. Madame G - Yep, I felt a wee bit swish

    Janiece - I slaved over that hat for a whole week but worth it I think

    Sleekit x


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