Sunday, March 25, 2012

Would you race down the beach in heels to save your favorite Fedora hat?

Fedora hat 1
My son was not particularly happy about walking in the cold and wind
fedora hat 3
The bay is rarely this choppy
fedora hat 4
2 seconds after this pic, I chased my Fedora down the beach
fedora hat 5
Hat: Gift from my beloved
skirt: Rouge Traders
tights: Johnathan Aston
shoes: Thrifted
jumper: Target
scarf: Bought off 5th Ave, New York
jacket: Vivienne Westwood

Please excuse me if my blog is beginning to sound like the weather channel but as predicted on Friday we endured one very cold and windy day. In true Scottish fashion, we ventured to the beach; a wee bit of wind, please! My son on the other hand was less than amused. When I was a kid, we went out in rain, hail, wind, snow, sleet, torrential rain, gale force get the picture.
So enough of the weather talk and back to the fashion. You may say I'm not a typical mother in the way I dress. I like to wear heels to go on short (I do wear flats for longer outings) walks and dress up every day, that's just me. I love to wear colour, head to toe and you may say I like to stand out. Well, on Friday I did a little more standing out than I bargained for. Whilst on the beach, my hat flew off, in my desperation to save my favorite Fedora hat, I proceeded to chase it down the beach, heels and all, like some kind of crazy lady. I am glad to report (just in case your dying to know) the hat was recovered.
Do you do funny things for your fashion, do tell?...

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