Friday, March 16, 2012

Bright orange and sparkly red Dorothy shoes

 dress: Ben Sherman
tights: Sportsgirl
bangles: Gifted
scarf: Target
necklace worn as belt: Witchery
shoes: Wittner

You may recall, I posted about the Wittner heel steal in which I purchased these gorgeous red glitter shoes for $39.99! The shoes arrived in the post and unfortunately were a wee bit small but thankfully I managed to exchange them at my local Wittner store, phew!
Then comes the burning question, how does one wear a red sparkly shoe without looking like Dorothy? Sure, I could take the easy route and wear them with black but that would be no fun now would it? I purchased these so soft orange tights from Sportsgirl a couple of days ago and reckon the contrasting colours work great together.
Have a great weekend folks and see you again next week.
Sleekit x


  1. I love that combination! I think it works really well!!
    (PS: is that your chair!? I love those and have always wanted one in my own home)

  2. Saucy minx in an eames chair! Loooove the tights and shoes together.

  3. highfivetothat - Thanks I like it too, yes tis my chair, sits pride of place in my living room

    Janiece - Cheers, I have an ever expanding collection of tights, these will be on full rotation for Autumn

    Sleekit x


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