Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jungle fever

Thought I would go to work with a bit of animal today. Never tire of a leopard print. You may remember I bought this dress at Easter, it had a bunny in the pattern which seemed appropriate. Loving the new heels too, a stranger stopped me today to say, "They're the coolest shoes I have seen in a long time", always so good when someone takes the time to comment on something your wearing, gave me a little spring in my step; they are pretty awesome (I never use that word, only for special occasions!)

As mentioned in a previous post I am throwing a party for my son's birthday at the weekend with the theme of : The Jungle, thought I would get myself in the mood.

*The cake is taking shape and lookin no too bad for a first timer.

Dress: To the Max
Belt: Kookai
Tights: Leona Edminston
Shoes: Melissa
Bangle: RG Madden (This is becoming a favorite it is never off my wrist)
Monkey necklace: Gift


  1. The dress is super cool, and I love those tights. Really beautiful outfit.

  2. You can't beat a bit of 'jungle fever'! Loving your tights too x

  3. Fab dress. Love the look of the bangle - what does it say on it? xx

  4. Potty Mouth Mama - thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    Madame G - cheers doll

    WeShop - the bracelet says 'one devoted person can initiate change', it keeps me inspired

    Sleekit x


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