Monday, August 16, 2010

Spots n Crosses

My weekend started with a bang, quite literally. Two men were gunned down in Lygon St, Melbourne just around the corner from where I work and lunch on a regular basis, way too close to home and bloody scary. I've always felt safe in Melbourne and I know this was an isolated incident but still kind of rocks your core.

The remainder of the weekend I was glued to the tele watching a UK series 'Mary Queen of Shops'. In each episode, Mary Portas troubleshoots her way around the UK on a mission to help turn around struggling fashion boutiques. Mary is a leading retail communications expert and is the founder and creative director of Yellowdoor.

Her aim is to turn the businesses around and put the glamour and sex appeal back into shopping. It's completely addictive and compelling to watch. I'm already on to series 3 and series 4 has just aired in the UK. 

The weather was freezing, rainy and cold
It went from this...
to this

The weekend began with a very dark cloud but such is life, the sun came out and everything was bright again. I did get off my sofa on Sunday afternoon and this is what I wore.

Top: Cue Sample
Trousers: Cue sample
Shoes: Wittner
Tights: Levante
Cardie: Jay Jays
Scarf: Mimco


  1. OMG - that's awful. When I was a student and living in North Kelvinside/Maryhill we heard a gun shot one night and the police were round the next day asking if we'd seen anything. Turns out someone was shot dead in the takeaway opposite - really shakes you up when something like that happens close to home, hope you're ok. xx

  2. I love the way to pinky purple tights pink up the pinky purple scarf colour... cool!

  3. Can men wear tights under trousers.


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