Monday, April 4, 2011

Black and orange

10 mins after this pic was taken, I de-robbed and slapped on some sunscreen, that's Melbourne for you, four seasons in one day - as they say. Contrary to popular myth, I do like a bit of black, love how my orange heels pop by contrast. 
The clocks did go back and well, didn't quite get the lie in I yearned for but another very pleasant weekend in sunny/windy/cold/sunny Melbourne. How was your weekend??

dress: Ben Sherman
coat: Witchery
hat: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West
scarf: gifted
orange flowers freshly picked by my son


  1. Hi!

    Nice colours

  2. Love orange!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog, a voucher to spend on hats @ Westfield, it's for Australia readers only & you look like an australian who may like hats!

  3. *Australian readers... I sounded a bit illiterate there!

  4. Andressa - thanks for stopping by

    Always chasing - oh, will check that out


    Sleekit x


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