Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Social Studio - The Cutting Table

The Social Studio is an initiative in Melbourne where the young refugee community can utilise their skills in design and fashion to create garments from recycled fabrics and excess manufacturing materials. The venture creates training and employment in the fashion industry and hospitality, you can read more about it over here.
I was recently informed that The Social Studio will be launching a new venture, sister-cafe, The Cutting Table, at 126 Smith St in Collingwood, just next door to The Social Studio. The cutting table is the heart of The Social Studio. Around the cutting table, people from all cultures and religions come together to learn, to design, to create, to share stories and to be part of a community.
The new menu features African inspired burgers, delicious African appetisers and daily specials, with Halal meats, free range chicken and eggs and fresh produce. 
I will be definitely be checking this out, you should too and while your there, check out their new TSS3 collection, I love the black trench with red lining and wooah, those gold leggings!


  1. What a wonderful idea! These clothes look great, I hope the projects get a lot of support.

  2. An excellent and worthy idea :D


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