Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday pink and Arab Strap

I think I may be going through a barbie phase, hot pink is floating ma boat at the mo, $7 target pucciesque scarf is my new favoured accessory, I'm gonna wear it out. 
Another weekend beckons folks, why not start it with a wee bit of Arab Strap, makes me chorttle every time I listen to this tune, enjoy! See you next week

dress: Zimmerman
belt: Bahamonde
Scarf: Target  


  1. Holy Shit that scarf is from TARGET?!?! I thought it was HERMES bahahaahaaa when did you get it!?!? Price??! tell me EVERYTHING!!! I want one!!!!

  2. I bought it only a few weeks ago should still be on sale, they have a blue one too
    Sleekit x


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