Monday, June 13, 2011

New bright orange shorts

Well, I promised you some colour didn't I! 
I spent a glorious Saturday afternoon shopping in Melbourne city with my good friend Al and this is just a snippet of what I bought. I had intended to maybe buy a couple of accessories and a pair of tights (Sleekit can never have enough tights), given I am supposed to be saving for NY trip in October but clapped eyes on these babies and that went all out the windae. 
Initially I bought the tights from FAT, loved the knee detail and the colours briskly followed by a purchase of these glow in the dark shorts from Kinki Gerlinki. Love the colour and the paper bag waist detail, these are definitely a statement piece, they say "I'm one cheery risky mama." 
I can't wait to show you what else I bought and also bring you a fabulous shoot on my shopping trip courtesy of Al. Stay tuned...


  1. Loving the tights! They are very cool and interesting

  2. You pull off orange so well! Not a colour most people can wear :-D

  3. I wish I could wear shorts, I look like a chump with them on. You look gorgeous!! Love this look.

  4. Helen - I have a thing for tights, the more interesting the better

    Esz - Orange is not a colour I usually wear but I'm warming to it

    Blithely Unaware - This look is a wee bit daring for me, I'm not really blessed in the pins department but nothing a pair a heels won't fix!


    Sleekit x


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