Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Green Lady

Continuing on my week of colour, I give you the Green Lady. Inspired by a 1950 painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff which has been in my family for years. I've always loved this print and intrigued by the mysterious green lady who frequented so many living rooms in 1960s and 70s. My mum reckons she has the original and who am I to burst her bubble. 
A couple of new purchases from my weekend shop; a gold heart necklace $10 and the biggest ring you have ever seen for the bargain price of $3! Another bargain would have to be my new green skivvy purchased for $5 in China Town.

top: shop in China Town 
scarf: Target
boots: Nine West
necklace: Kinki Gerlinki
bangle and ring: Diva
shorts: DFO

The Chinese Girl (often popularly known as The Green Lady) is a 1950 painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff


  1. Gorgeous! Love, love, love that shade of green on you!

  2. Love this post & outfit, it's great! Thanks for commenting on my blog - sadly, the nail drying monkey is a bit of piece of crap and is better as a finger workout than nail drying machine (you have to push down quite hard to get him to blow on your fingers!).

    Also - you're living my opposite life - Melbourne girl who moved to Glasgow - how funny :)

    Briony x


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