Friday, June 17, 2011

Sleekit and 365 project - Saturday afternoon in Melbourne

On Saturday I spent a delightful day shopping with my good friend Alison in Melbourne city. Sydney based Alison is currently participating in the 365 project, a photography blog for keen creatives to upload their captures on a daily basis. My beloved is also participating and you can check his work out over here. I wish I had her around all the time to take pics for my blog, how cool are these shots! This is just a taster of our little shoot captured in the iconic lane ways of Melbourne and Curtin House, more next week.

Have a great weekend dear readers!

trousers: Fleur Wood
scarf: Target
shoes: Target
tights: Myer
bag: French Connection
jacket: Red dog 3

You can view Alison's 365 project here.


  1. I can't decide which piece I like more - you look fantastic. Loving the socks. Is it wierd that I want to see what's in the bag?? xx

  2. LOVE these photos!!
    The graffiti is awesome, I'm a sucker for a good piece.

  3. Why don't you still live in Cumbernauld?? Then we could hang out!
    I had a lovely wee class from from Cumbernauld come to visit the ship today and they reminded me of you x

  4. Meagan Harding Personal Styling - The knee pad tights and that I featured in a few posts back where in the bag

    Blithely Unaware - thanks lady, Melbourne has so many cool spots, I wish I could shoot in the city more often

    Madame G - So with you there petal. I have many fond memories of Cumbernauld but would never go back in a heart beat but Glasgow I do miss, if I ever get back I will look you up for sure

    Sleekit x

  5. Megan Harding Personal Styling - that's the most dyslexic comment I've ever written!


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